Discovery 3 /4 Thermal Blinds




Product Description: Discovery 3 / 4 Thermal Blinds

Specification: These blinds are manufactured using Genuine Veltrim and our foil foam insulation material. The Veltrim acts as a thermal layer whilst at the same time looks the part and gives a cosy feel inside your vehicle.
Whilst the foam core offers a high thermal value and the durable foil layer reflects the sunlight.
Description: These are a great for your vehicle during the summer and the winter months. Whilst in the colder months keeping the vehicle warmer these will also in the summer months keep the vehicle cooler.

Overseas Shipments can be arranged. Please ask for details.


Easy to use
Removable glass suction cups if not used
Extra thermal using the Veltrim
Great for cold and warm weather
Easy to roll up and store away
Excellent value
Packs away neatly

These will suit the following vehicles:
Discovery 3 / 4

Windscreen £45
Front doors £35 pair
Second row of doors £35 pair
Rear boot side windows £35 pair
Rear door/tailgate window £40
Full 8 window set £175

If you would like Blinds for a window that we do not list you can either come and have a template made by us or if the distance is too far send your own template to us.

Additional information


Front doors £35 pair, Full 8 window set £175, Rear boot side windows £35 pair, Rear door/tailgate window £40, Second row of doors £35 pair, Windscreen £45


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